Even a Parking Garage Can Be a Great Experience

My mom was pregnant with me the first time I went to Disney so you could say I’m a born Disney-fanatic. Over my twenty years of life, I’ve watched Disney World undergo many transformations. The most recent changes, some of the biggest yet.

Disney is known for their impeccable service. Always working to make every experience better for each and every guest. Down to even the smallest details most people probably overlook. And the recent renovations exceed expectations, you need to see it in person to get full effect.

Ready for my favorite part? The new parking garages. Yes you heard me right. Of all the new installations the parking garages are the coolest additions in my opinion.

Downtown Disney, sorry Disney Springs, I’m nostalgic can’t you tell? Disney Springs has changed drastically over the past few years and my favorite part: the parking garages.

Disney managed to improve the experience of parking. Not to mention, I can be a bit of a geek when it comes to neat ways to use technology to improve life: technology to eliminate the need to drive row to row, floor to floor? SO COOL! – Sorry geeking out over here.

How it works? In these new parking garages, Lime and Orange, Disney’s added sensors to every single parking space. The sensors turn green when you pull out and turn off when you pull in. Making it easier to quickly find somewhere to park.

And that’s not all! The sensors also provide feedback. When someone pulls out of a space a display, located at the end of the row, shows the number of empty spaces and adds one to include that now empty space. It also works vice versa; when someone pulls into an empty space the number on the screen decreases.

There are screens for every floor and every row. There’s even one at the entrance to the garage that displays all the floors so you know where the available spots are before you enter.

Disney made an every day event exceptional. How many times have you been driving in circles around the parking garage looking for a space? Now you no longer need to mindlessly wander. It’s quick, easy and efficient. Saving you time to explore more of Disney Springs and enjoy your evening without the added stress of parking.

Oh and did I mention one of the best things about these parking garages? They’re totally FREE. You pay nada. Zip. Nothing. Just park and experience Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba, shop till you drop or enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants.

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