Uncover the shows and films pushing the boundaries of diversity.

  • Data Visualization
  • Prototyping
  • UX Design

Big Picture

The goal was to create a platform to inform the audience of the problems with the representation of minority groups in TV and movies, expose the inequalities, and inspire a quest for change. The aim was to display data in easily digestible bites, explore data visualization possibilities, and provide a tool for users to find shows that represent them.

    Dashboard Snapshot

    The landing page dashboard offers a snapshot of various minority groups across America, top networks offering the greatest diversity, diverse characters, and a glimpse at the latest viewpoints on relevant issues.

    Expanded Content

    Want to learn more about a stat or network? Click on a section to open an expanded view and further breakdown ratings and data.

    Color Signifiers, Graphs, & Quotes

    Colors signify different diversity types: gender, sexuality, race, and more (plus more to come.) Graphs use those colors to break down data into digestible bits from multiple databases for the most accurate results. Viewer, actor, and character quotes compliment the data to provide a well-rounded experience.

    Explore Shows and Characters

    Search for keywords and terms to learn more and explore a variety of shows and characters. This tool helps users find characters who mirror themselves.

    Figure Out Where to Watch

    By clicking on the results of a search you can read more about characters, their ratings, and find out where you can watch the show.


Where are you in Media?

Prototype video demonstrates how a user might interact with the platform to explore, filter, and search the data to find characters and shows. Learn more about the steps behind the final concept below.