Teaching the importance of sustainability in an enjoyable and captivating way.

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  • UX Design
  • UX Research
  • Virtual Reality
  • Team Capstone Project

What is Econeer?

A collaborative virtual reality game that puts the control of the environment in the hands of a few. Each user adds their own piece to the larger whole, each subsequent user adds on to those before them.

How can we teach the importance of sustainability & introduce VR?

Sustainability is an important and pressing issue that can benefit from an educational VR experience. The problems and solutions that are applied at the micro level are illustrated at the macro level to foster a better future.

    3D Models

    Using Cinema 4D our designers created and built several scale models that users would be able to build in their section of the world. The models range from housing developments to sustainable energy farms. Each model would have a corresponding impact on the VR environment.

    In Game Stats

    Tied to the user’s right controller is a radial menu displaying world stats. In the center of the menu, the user will be able to see their overall score based on population (blue), power availability (yellow), and happiness level (green).


    Our project was presented at ImagineRIT, innovation and creativity festival in an interactive booth. We witnessed a steady stream of people through our exhibit throughout the day, with over one hundred people getting to experience the virtual Econeer world, and even more exploring the hologram of our world, our video, and educational experiences.

    Onboarding Video

    The video details everything one should know before entering the VR experience. Animated using Adobe After Effects to convey health and safety concerns, the aim of the experience, the controls, and the final impact. The onboarding video was shown during the queue to educated our exhibit visitors at ImagineRIT.

New Media Team Capstone Project

We’re a collection of designers and developers from Rochester Institute of Technology’s New Media Design and Interactive Development programs.