An alternative navigation solution for urban cyclists and bike messengers on the go.

  • Orthographic Drawing
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • Real-Time Data Visualization
  • UX Design

Big Picture

As urban environments are becoming increasingly bike-friendly, so should bike navigation technology. A new way to navigate city streets for bike messengers and urban commuters alike. Controlled by touch and swipe, this unique design invites safe use in the chaos of city streets.

It all starts with a glance

Riding down 31st Street, glance at Cykel, your new commute companion, and know to turn in 500 ft to Broadway. A glance is all you need to know your route and avoid collisions, pot holes, construction sites as you make your first stop of the day.

    Turn-by-Turn Directions

    When a rider approaches a turn, Cykel isolates the turn directions and distance-to-turn for quick glance turn information.

    New Routes

    Connect with our bike messenger system to send new routes to messengers on the job. Swipe action allows the rider to quickly add with a left swipe, dismiss with a right swipe, or learn more with a swipe up.

    Wide Map View

    The main map view features real-time information. A compass rotates as the rider travels and the data rotates to a main section for a quick glance reading.

    Detailed Route Data and Alerts

    Urban environments are ever changing. Safer than alternatives, Cykel takes this into account with route alerts and weather warnings. View detailed data of routes and alerts with a brief on device overview.

    Final Ride Stats

    When the job’s compete or ride is finished view ride stats to discover elapsed time, distance, and more.

Orthographic Device Design

The device features a removable screen and interchangeable rubber straps. The device itself features a convex screen to guide riders by touch. The strap clips easily and contains a concave area to keep the strap in place on the bike frame.